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General Information:

The Business Plan Competition (BPC) is among the leading university & cooperation co-run business plan competitions. HNK was founded in 2001 and the BPC was launched in 2008 which co-manages the event with a specially selected student committee. The BPC is open to all students at the University, since its inception, has drawn over 50 student teams each year, comprising nearly 400 participants from Schools across the Universities worldwide.

The workshops:

Discover the vast resources across the universities for budding entrepreneurs. Through a series of workshops presented by top professors from top universities and leading global corporate, participants are exposed to practical, actionable knowledge. Learn how to write a business plan, prepare financial projections, protect intellectual property, and bring your ideas to life.


The BPC is not just about ideas. BPC is a comprehensive platform for university students and their teams to make and launch plans of their new ideas about future business and non-business.

  • Focus on world-class competition that highlights the strategic challenges and managerial dilemmas faced by global business leaders
  • Promote Education through the case and the event
  • Promote team work and cross-cultural exchange
  • Provide a forum for exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among students and faculty Members

The Teams:

  • Careful mixes of top-ranked universities are invited to participate.
  • Each team consists of 4-7 undergraduate students.

The definition:

  • For students on the European University System: A student currently studying in or before the final of maximum three years of specialized business education.
  • For students on the US system: A student currently studying in or before the 4th of maximum 4 years of undergraduate study.
  • Enroll full-time and less than 25 years old.
  • Team members typically possess expertise in a wide range of business disciplines from finance, marketing, economics, accounting, to international issues, technology, operation management, and strategy.
  • Team members are chosen by their schools, typically after a rigorous screening process.

The Competition

Each team has 120 hours to complete the analysis and provide recommendations to senior management for consideration. During this period, students have to work on their own. Discussion of the case with outside sources, faculty, advisors, or colleagues is permitted.

Students are welcome to bring their own laptops, but BPC committee would not be able provide studentsí» laptops internet connection.